Angel's Landing ( for Ann ) and a Violin

Angels Landing is the most popular day hike in Zion National Park and for good reason. The steep path up the spine of a narrow sandstone isthmuth leads to spectacular views. The drop-offs are steep, about 1200 ft on one side and over 800 ft on the other. For those not so sure footed or afraid of heights (like me) there are chains provided over much of the trail. It is fairly strenuous for a 2.5 mile hike, but very do-able and worth the effort. I might not have attempted it had I not been shamed by a friend that told me her mother was afraid of heights and did it on her 70th birthday. I'm glad I did it.

The final ascent.

These final shots were taken using the 360 degree panoramic camera on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  Not bad.

After the hike I was getting on my bike in the Grotto parking area and heard music.  I walked towards the sound and was invited in by the Artist in Residence, Rachel Panitch, and was treated to a private concert.
 Just listen......

East Zion on a Galaxy Note III

I took an early morning hike up the wash leading to Keyhole Canyon and beyond towards Jug Handle Arch this morning.  The morning was beautiful.  I had my cell camera, a flask of water, some jerky, and my new hiking beads.  The only thing missing was my hiking partner.The camera on my Samsung Galaxy Note III cell phone produced some beautiful shots.

Walking on slick-rock is one of my new obsessions.

Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is a Nevada State Park near Las Vegas and Lake Mead.  Took a short hike with the Click Photography Club out of St. George, Utah.  I'll be going back.